Crasleen: Drums of War


Orcs, knights, and undead face off


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Crasleen: Drums of War is a turn-based strategy game with a touch of role-playing, where you will participate in a war between humans, orcs and undead from different points of view within the conflict.

The first campaign of the two available in this version of the game sets you at the head of the orc army which, led by general Tharshan, will try to massacre all of its enemies. Of course, you can count on the help of other units, like goblin archers, a calvary of orc pigs, and many more.

If two campaigns for one player weren't enough, Crasleen: Drums of War includes a 'hotseat' mode in which two players can enjoy the same game at the same time by playing in turns. One person makes a move, and then the other, with the objective of finishing off all of the other's units.

Crasleen: Drums of War is a fun strategy role-playing game that, despite lacking a little in the graphics department, offers up an entertaining game that should delight any fan of franchises like Heroes of Might and Magic.

Four campaign missions are available in the demo version.

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